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Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (SIG)

Helping you find your way in the Cloud

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The term ‘Cloud Computing’ is being tossed around a lot, but what does it mean for north Texas businesses?  

Many companies are currently exploring the benefits of cloud solutions and trying to define exactly how cloud would improve their business.  

The MTBC's Cloud Computing Special Interest Group (SIG) brings together members of the MTBC who are involved in cloud computing and helps them align their business strategy with opportunities presented by the cloud, including cost reduction, creating greater efficiencies and learning best practices. 

Cloud Computing SIG founding MTBC companies:  
Cisco Systems, Digital Realty Trust, Fujitsu Network Communications, Haynes & Boone, LLP, Microsoft, NetApp, Nokia Siemens, SoftLayer, and Tektronix.

The MTBC's Cloud Computing SIG is comprised of MTBC members involved in the following business segments:

  • IT leadership
  • Infrastructure
  • Software
  • Platform
  • Advisory services

Members of the Cloud Computing SIG will have an opportunity to work with peers within their respective business segment as well as with the entire group.

MTBC's Cloud Computing SIG
 organizes various events such as breakfasts, luncheons, evening gatherings, tours, seminars and enlightening speakers on all aspects of the Cloud. 

Mission statement

The mission of the MTBC’s Cloud Computing Special Interest Group is to support and accelerate the growth of the cloud-computing industry in the DFW Metroplex by creating a collaborative network of business users and providers of technologies and services, while promoting the region as one of the premier cloud computing centers in the United States. 

In carrying out this mission, the MTBC's Cloud Computing Special Interest Group will:

•    Educate and advise DFW Metroplex IT executives on the advantages of cloud computing, emphasizing best practices ands significant cost reduction opportunities that drive the industry’s growth.

•    Encourage cloud/SDN-based service offering deployments that provide the services, research and products which enable companies to improve operational efficiencies.

•    Enable the cloud computing technology ecosystem in the DFW Metroplex, bringing together industry players with the goal of stimulating economic growth in the region.
•    Raise awareness of the dependence and impact of Cloud Computing technologies and services on the Telecom industry, accentuating the evolution to a robust, cost-effective network architecture.
•    Build a close alignment with the rapidly growing cyber-security industry, making Cloud Customers aware of the latest security information and event management cyber-defense technologies.
For MTBC Cloud Computing SIG leadership or sponsorship opportunities, please contact John Jacobs, executive VP or call 972-792-2852.

Prospective members must be eligible for MTBC membership.  Please contact Drew Snow, VP member services or call 972-792-2855 for membership information.